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More "iPad as a laptop replacement" hand-wringing

There's been a lot of debate again today on Twitter following Joshua Topolsky's tweets about how bad the iPad is as a laptop replacement.

I've heard this many times before, and to some extent I agree, but ultimately it all comes down to your use case. For example, if you're a writer or artist you probably have very good scenarios where an iPad (certainly with iOS11) is better than a laptop. For me, as a development machine the iPad simply can't compete with a fully fledged OS like macOS or Windows, so it's not a good laptop replacement. Nonetheless, as a portable development machine where I can remote access a full OS via SSH, VNC or RDP, it's a lot easier to carry and if you have the cellular version it's very handy.

Ultimately, whether an iPad should replace or be bought in lieu of a laptop is entirely up to you and what you want to achieve with it. I'm not even sure you need to consider it as a zero-sum game, there's no reason you couldn't have both, again depending on what it is you want to achieve. There are trade-offs whether you choose a desktop, laptop, tablet, or hybrid device, but it's down to your trade offs, not the medias.

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