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"What The Health" - What The Hell?!

I started watching What The Health on Netflix yesterday, it seemed like an interesting documentary about the link between diet and disease. However, it quickly became heavily anti-meat, and I switched it off when a qualified medical professional said "diabetes is caused by meat not sugar". If you’re...

More "iPad as a laptop replacement" hand-wringing

There's been a lot of debate again today on Twitter following Joshua Topolsky's tweets about how bad the iPad is as a laptop replacement. I've heard this many times before, and to some extent I agree, but ultimately it all comes down to your use case. For example, if you're ...

Why are you microblogging?

I’ve tried and failed at blogging regularly many times, but I’ve always wanted somewhere to share thoughts and ideas. Typically I’ll post to Twitter, but sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough, which is why I wanted to get stuck into microblogging. I’ve got a micro.blog account to...

Hosting My Own Microblog

I've decided to host my own microblog so I'm more in control of what happens to my data, so here it is at kuli.tv. I’ll write a more detailed post about how I’ve done it soon.

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